No Evil Movement: Kelly M

“I think it helps a lot to talk about it. Even if someone does not understand it, I can try to help them understand it.”

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The Lip Plumper That’s Actually Good for You

Pricking. Suction cupping. Plastic surgery. Injections. Women are going to intense lengths just for bigger, plumper lips. But if you’re looking to amplify your pout without the scary side effects, there’s a much better, natural way to do so: Your diet! Ever hear of that fancy little word, collagen? You may have noticed it in…

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What’s Hiding in Your Makeup? A Q+A with Beautycounter

Natural, paraben-free, toxin-free, gluten-free, formaldehyde-free… the beauty industry is changing and consumers are getting smarter. One company in particular, Beautycounter, is paving the way for other cosmetic brands and setting the standard high. They’re on a mission to change the industry as a whole. I sat down with Director/Independent Consultant at Beautycounter, Charlotte Magee, to understand more about…

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