Pricking. Suction cupping. Plastic surgery. Injections. Women are going to intense lengths just for bigger, plumper lips.

But if you’re looking to amplify your pout without the scary side effects, there’s a much better, natural way to do so: Your diet!

Ever hear of that fancy little word, collagen? You may have noticed it in your anti-aging and beauty products. But my favorite way to get a collagen fix is by drinking bone broth.

Made by boiling bones for up to 48 hours, bone broth is packed with nutritional goodies, like protein and collagen. It’s basically an edible miracle worker. Although, not all bone broths are made the same. A good bone broth, when cooled, should have a wiggly texture that could be confused for Jell-O. 

Don’t have a spare 48 hours to simmer bones on your stove? Luckily, there’s a way to get quality bone broth delivered to your door.

Made in NJ, Bam Bam Broth offers grass-fed, grass-finished, locally-sourced bone broth simmered with vegetables, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Every time I take a sip, my lips instantly feel so much smoother, and not to mention… bigger. At the same time, you could also help boost your immune system, improve skin elasticity, help joint pain and recovery, and reduce inflammation.




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