Ladies, it’s time to get real and talk about your period.

We’ve all been in emergency situations where we absolutely NEED a tampon. We’ve asked strangers, co-workers, friends, even boyfriends to go pick them up for us or give us an extra.

But what if I were to tell you that besides the period cramps, sugar cravings, and PMS, tampons aren’t the worst part about getting your period? Nope. The worst part about our periods are loads of chemicals we’re inserting into our bodies in each tampon. (And no, I’m not kidding).

How can a tampon be so bad for you?

If you think a tampon is just a piece of cotton, think again. It’s been reported that 85% of tampons on the market contain cancerous carcinogens, toxins, and scary GMO glyphosate.

Luckily, though,some tampon companies are devoting their entire business model to the health, well-being, and convenience of our monthly cycles. Not every woman is wired the same way – everyone has different flows, patterns, and lengths of that time of the month. But everyone’s health is worth fighting for, and women do not deserve to be lied to about what’s going inside their bodies.


Tampon company, Lola applies the same ease-of-use philosophy to their tampon brand as monthly beauty-tailored subscription boxes. Coupled with a devotion to pure, natural products, Lola leaves me wondering “why the would anyone not sign up?”

Each Lola user can select various types of tampons (from light, regular, and super) depending on their cycle and can cancel at any time. But once you start, why wouldn’t you want one less thing to worry about on a monthly basis?

It makes my day to see my little Lola box waiting for me every month – and it saves my boyfriend from going out on awkward trips to the grocery store to pick them up for me. Count me in!


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