How delicious are pasta Sundays? Growing up in an Italian home, every Sunday meant getting together with the entire family to do what we do best: cook and eat.

Since my transition to a healthier lifestyle, those pasta Sundays have changed from the typical breads, cheeses and pasta… to loads of veggies and lean meat.

But I’ll admit there’s nothing like biting into an al dente forkful of pasta. And let’s be honest – spiralized veggie noodles don’t even come close to the real thing. Thankfully, I found the brand of my dreams to solve all of my #PaleoProblems. Whether you’re looking to eat low carb, gluten free , grain free, or even Paleo, Cappello’s has so many healthy, nutritious and clean options.

For this recipe, I used Cappello’s fettuccine. It cooks at under 90 seconds, too, so it’ll even save you time in the kitchen. If you think I’m sharing my family’s sauce recipe with you – you’re crazy. But you can just as easily pick up a bottle of clean or organic sauce at your local grocery store if the whole homemade thing isn’t for you. (I recommend Victoria or 365 Organic!)





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