If you’re ready to turn the page and move on from some troubles and regrets, now is the time to do so. This April will bring you a shift in focus from the past to the future, helping you stride into new experiences with confidence. Be cautious to not be impulsive with your ideas, as it could end up biting you in the end. The way you discuss your plans with others is very important during this time to ensure you do not offend them. Even if you have the best intentions, you could end up coming across as abrasive. Around April 7, you will be able to present your greatest dreams and ideas to others in a way that may change the way they look at you.
Your financial situation has two different aspects going on right now. You may need to make some adjustments to your spending in the near future, but luckily you’ll be able to work through any spending issues without much reliance on other people. You may get the travel bug this month as well, aching for new adventures. If this does not happen for you, you may experience new adventures through new life lessons.


They say adversity builds character, and you are certainly no stranger to that concept. This month, around April 7, the new Moon will occur in Aries, which means a difficult but important time in your life is coming. Rather than shy away from this, you would be better off using this time wisely to figure out your plans for the future. It can be tough now, but the sooner you learn to accept things and move on, the better you will feel. Luckily, with Mercury being in Taurus, you are much more likely to take a more calm and practical approach than usual. Be careful of your finances, or taxes in particular, as they may need to be double-checked for potential mistakes.
Around April 22, you will be able to consciously take note of how others view you. Listen closely to feedback during this time, and trust what your intuition is telling you what to do. What are your deepest desires? What makes you feel safe? Figure that out and go for it.


Damn girl, are those more Instagram followers I see? This April, your social life is going to be exploding. This is coming after several weeks of career challenges, so embrace this change, my dear. Promoting new ideas to others about the future will come easy to you during this time, too. Between April 6 and April 28, you’ll be able to prioritize what matters and figure out what you can do about your current situation. During this time, you will be strong enough to make the best out of whichever situation you are in. Be careful to not regret lost opportunities, which you are prone to do this month. Even if you do, though, these regrets shouldn’t linger much longer after April ends.
Also, around April 22, there’s a good chance that some circumstances at work or in your family will bring old issues to light. During this time, you may feel as though you are not important to those around you, but stay strong and everything will be okay.


You love a steady and safe environment, so get ready to hold on tight this month. This April will present sudden changes to your current work relationships and long-term career goals. Because sudden changes make you uncomfortable, these changes may appear to be frightening at first. However, rest assured that April will only bring positive influences to your career, given you have the guts to reach for the stars and set new objectives for yourself.
Mercury in Taurus beginning April 6 will influence conversations between you and your peers around practical plans involving money. Be cautious of these discussions, though, because April 28th will bring Mercury in retrograde and there may be a change of plans to what you had in mind. Around April 22, light will be brought to some of your worries around the support you get from your friends. This is going to be a positive influence that helps you take advantage of the positivity those around you.


April is looking damn good for you. Your optimism is sky high and you have all of the passion you need to reach the stars this month. Have you read The Secret or any other positive influences lately? Not only do the next few weeks look like they’re going well for you, but it seems like you truly are channeling an amazing energy. Take advantage of the opportunities to set new goals around April 7. You will have wonderful ideas during this time and believe in yourself just enough to go after them.
Later in the month, around April 22, you will see how much value your career has in your life, thanks to your inner desires and ambitions. During this time, you’ll likely measure your importance in relation to how much power and control you have at work, along with your finances. But always remember you are strong and special no matter what.


What was once a vague, mysterious part of your life will soon be booming and thriving. This is particularly related to your finances and even your love life. If you’re in a relationship, it’s possible that your partner’s finances will help you set up new financial goals. Around April 7, it’s likely that you will be a bit daring in your decision-making skills. As a warning, though, be careful of unrealistic ideas in relation to your partner or a member of your family.
Starting April 6, Mercury’s transit through Taurus will strike a chord with your well-known practicality and skillful thoughts. Although, beginning April 28th, it’s likely that you will reevaluate some of your ambitions professionally. Until then, try to think of some of the options you have and assess them to the best of your ability.


This April will bring you the chance to set new goals in the realm of important relationships, whether it be your marriage or other friendships. Around April 7, sudden changes will cause you to make a rapid decision about either your significant other or an unexpected circumstance. Your communication is extremely important during this time. No matter what the sudden incident is, its purpose is to bring you honesty and encourage you to face things head-on. Your feeling of safety may be disrupted, too, given relationships are such an important part of your life and this confrontation may throw you off-balance.
Money is another important aspect for you in April. I encourage you to not make large decisions from April 28 into late May because during this time, many decisions have the potential to change as you learn new developments. Instead, think about your greatest desires that fuel the fire to your dreams and try to cultivate them.


Have you recently started a new job, gained new responsibilities, or new co-workers? This April, you have the wonderful opportunity to set new goals relating to any of the above. You have a different perspective to problems at work, and April 7 will bring a sudden, brilliant idea to you. Get ready — you may even get a pay raise during this time as well, however, be cautious to not negotiate too hard or you may appear as though you are trying too hard to force power and control.
April 6 could be a helpful time for you to talk about any partnerships in a successful, practical way, but do yourself a favor and avoid any big decisions during this time, such as a contract. Around April 22, you will experience an important transition that will help you recognize what is most important to you, whether it be in your intimate relationships or business partnerships.


Your adventurous spirit will be sky high during April, lusting for new adventures and experiences. You will walk around with extreme self-confidence, courage, and wonderful, beautiful ideas. Grab a pen and paper, camera, or Your creative energy will flourish this month and you will be able to stir up new ideas and perspectives by thinking a bit differently.
However, with every rose, there is a thorn. You may have to face some difficulties in putting together the necessary resources or money you need to make your ideas come alive, and this can prove to be really frustrating to you. Vice versa, you also might just want to keep on keepin’ on in your current situation and not make any sudden changes, simultaneously working towards your dreams, whether it be love life or career. You will soon realize that pursuing both at the same time is not practical and will only create frustration for you.


During April, you will face a new settlement, whether it be a new apartment or even a decision to move. You are feeling confident now and are experiencing a very nice time of your life. This is a time to be grateful for your life and all that is to come – do not take this positive influence for granted. Also around April 22, you will be able to greatly express your creativity and be very inspired during this time.
Your love life will also bring you some clarity this Month. In particular, on April 6 and again on April 22, you will be able to practically view your relationships to help you understand what you give and receive. The full moon on April 22, in particular, will help you assess whether or not you are feeling fulfilled and help you figure out if you are expecting (or deserving) of being treated better. There’s a chance that these feelings are subjective, but how you are treated is an important part of your life that should not be taken for granted.


You are quite a unique individual whose perspective is a bit different than the majority, and this helps your imaginative nature. Your passion for your ideas is very strong as well, helping you go after your dreams with full force. During April, there is going to be a very strong influence for your brilliant ideas to come to life. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though, because not everyone will gravitate towards being convinced on your what you’re trying to sell. But fear not, because if you focus on the present rather than old frustrations, you will be able to overcome obstacles that may otherwise hold you back.
Around April 22, your career will be flourishing. You will feel extremely safe and content with your job during this time, and even begin to feel extreme power and importance. People will rely on you to get the task done, and you will have the confidence and drive to deliver what is asked of you during this time.


It’s time to shake off those muddy boots and break out your favorite Saint Laurent’s. Your confidence has certainly been building up lately, and it’s only going up from here. After all, you deserve it after going through some turmoil lately, my dear. Give thanks to the planetary transits going on in Aries right now, not to mention Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. There’s a lot going for you right now, particularly in your world of career and money. (Ya$$$$)
This April, it would be wise for you to take action on something you’re passionate about with confidence and embrace each opportunity with open arms. Early April will be a great time for you to set new goals for yourself. And unlike your typical dreamer mentality, you will surprisingly be able to approach these goals with a realistic head on your shoulders.
Towards the end of April, with mercury moving into retrograde, be weary for some shifts in your bank account. Not to worry, though, because around April 22, the Scorpio full Moon will give you a better feeling of control and understanding of your financial situation.

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