I remember my first beer Coach bag. I was in 8th grade and had no idea what it meant. Assuming Coach was some magical soccer duffle bag company, I said, “Coach bag? I don’t even like sports.” Regardless, my best friend and I got matching mini totes.

Needless to say, my fashion choices have since matured from my white, nylon Coach bag with pink lettering on the inside. In high school, I moved on to Louis Vuitton and never looked back.

Today, I caught myself fighting my inner devil’s advocate when I uttered the thought, “Is Coach back?”. Eeek. I’m cringing as I type this. For me, the Coach brand has lacked any sort of enticement to drive me to pay any sort of attention to them for a number of years now. However, now my opinion currently continues to teeter back and forth. I can’t deny the most recent impression that suddenly had me questioning my whole presumptuous opinion of the brand.

But due to a recent exchange I experienced on my daily commute on the E train, my opinion is now teetering back and forth. I was jammed in the crowded subway car, holding my breath until it was my turn to get off, and came across this wonderfully dressed woman who now has me questioning my whole presumptuous opinion of the brand.

She was carrying the most perfect little red bag. It had 3 zippered compartments, just the right amount of storage, and gorgeous structure. So, obviously, I needed to find out who made it.

At first, I thought had Céline decided to make a larger version of the trio? If that was the case, I knew there’d be no way I could fit that into my budget right now.So, while we stood on the cramped subway cart, I had to ask. Once she told me her handbag was from Coach, I was both underwhelmed and confused. But regardless of how I feel about the Coach brand, I must confess that this is literally the most affordable, appealing bag I’ve seen in years.

What are your thoughts on the Coach brand, and does their presumed comeback have enough horsepower to outweigh their terrible early 2000’s slump? Sound off in the comments!

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