Look deep within, uncover your truth and you’ll find complete clarity was with you all along.

Our skin is filled with little surprises. We do what we can to keep our skin under control, but we’re often limited by the products we use.

Skin care products can be extremely pricey, and can deem effective only when used in conjunction with other products. But the truth is our financial situation may not allow us to indulge in the best creams, serums and face washes. ($50.00 for a water-based makeup remover?!? Ain’t nobody got time for that.) I searched long and hard for a healthy, affordable, complete skincare set. Aaaand I found it.

This pack by Philosophy offers 4 of their products (a $68.00 value) for $38.00, giving you peace of mind to take control and feed your soul. Not only does this product deliver amazing results, but its inspirational packaging is a holistic daily reminder to focus on the positive…because taking advice from a skin care line makes more sense than from a mallard.

Total clarity is when your head and your heart come together wanting and needing the exact same things. 

You can purchase this skincare set online or at your local Sephora, but here’s a little secret: Philosophy’s website offers a free gift with email sign up. (Wink wink.)

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