I double dog dare you to scroll down and find out what’s missing from the photo above. Hint- it’s on my feet and matches the yellow brick road.


Photos by Kelly Shami

Muscle Tank: Theory | Oversized Zip Up: See by Chloe | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Nails: Essie | Necklaces: DIY & gifted from Norway | Clutch: Vintage Louis Vuitton | Lipstick: Laura Mercier | Bracelets: c/o Gypsy Warrior, Vintage from my mom | Rings: Vintage from my great aunt’s collection

I salute you, Zara, for being the mecca of affordable fashion. I’ve been dreaming about the perfect camouflage pants for a while, and now my imagination’s prayers have been answered. These magical pants don’t work as an invisible cloak, but I think everyone would agree that it’d be nice to have camouflage that blended in with the concrete jungle to protect us from men on the sidewalks who think it’s necessary to shout dayyyuuum. But I guess the color of my heels entirely negates going incognito.

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Here to make a difference and have fun doing it.

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