In the all familiar world of more shit I don’t need, there’s metallic shoes. And metallic pants. And basically, anything in the fashion world has now been metallic-ized. Shall I take us back to a few weekends ago when I was at a bar in Hell’s Kitchen that only played old Britney Spears music videos. It was awesome, and in my margarita-induced state, I decided that soon after the current 90’s grunge trend would come the early 2000’s shiny-as-fuck trend.

And I was right. Here are some of my absolute favorite metallic pieces that I’m lusting over:

I’ve broken it down for you quite easily so you bitches can enjoy futuristic details at all occasions. If you want the chance to whip it out during awkward interactions, there’s the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 case. It’ll double as a mirror, too, which is amazing. If you’re not into the whole commitment thing, and just aren’t ready for a long-term relationship with the futuristic trend, the Alexander Wang Emile Handbag works perfectly with just a hint of shiny hardware on the sides… perfect for getting scraped up everywhere you put it down, but gorgeous nonetheless. Maje’s metallic-trimmed silk tee will also get the point across, and is much more classic, rather than trendy. But if you’re ready to go all-out space martian, please note these ACNE shiny pantzzz. Just please, please protect everyone’s retinas around you while wearing them. I got ya covered for the office too, if you wanna give your coworkers a reason to think you’ve completely lost your shit, this Theyskens’ Theory dress is perfect – and absolutely beautiful. As the drag-queen makeup artist, (yes), at the Laura Mercier counter said to me last week, “Hunny, always add a bit of fun to your classic, nice things.” (Probably the best thing ever). That’s why these classic Elizabeth & James heels are incredible, and if someone wants to know if they’re still the fairest of them all… they can just take a look down at your kicks. And last, but not least… the most lust-worthy, in my opinion, are the Ancient Greek sandals that are so futuristic that they make me pissed a jet pack isn’t attached to them. Seriously, 2012?

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